05.07 2017

Btg pactual hires charles rosier for european business

BTG Pactual hires Charles Rosier for European business

Charles Rosier (http://www.efinancialnews.com) decided to join UBS Warburg Investment Bank after being a part of Lehman Brothers in 1996. He finished his secondary schooling at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie in 1991. Charles Rosier spent 2 years of extra study in preparation for additional French requirements.

Charles Rosier's Work Experience

Charles Rosier became the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, which is a big investment banking company, from 2009 to 2010. GMS (Goldman Sachs) is a top investment bank that operates around the world. In his role as their Managing Director, he paid much mind to public asset management. Charles Rosier worked at SBC Warburg as their Debt Capital Manager from 1997-2009. When he began his career as an investment banker, he went to work at Lehman Brothers.

The drug project Charles Rosier funded was for the treatment of stroke known to cause spinal cord problems and other related issues. Baulieu and his co-workers were creating a new drug, however they needed more finances to generate such a drug... so he invested in them. The investment by Charles Rosier allowed them to do certain research and, because of that, Charles Rosier was given a specific profit-share.

Environmentally-Friendly Programmes of Charles Rosier

Innoveox is a French company working with the objective of establishing a friendly and pollution-free environment... with Charles Rosier being its partner. For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD developed LED lanterns. Charles Rosier invested in MPOWERD, helping the company financially to create lanterns and other energy solutions. As a result, over 25 poor countries all around the world have been supplied by MPOWERD.